• Beech

    Beech is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, native to temperate Europe, Asia, and North America.


    A birch is a thin-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula, in the family Betulaceae, which also includes alders, hazels, and hornbeams. It is closely related to the beech-oak family Fagaceae.​


    Cherry wood has a straight, satiny grain, often with a ripple figure. Heavy and hard, stiff and strong, the wood resists knocks and other abuse


    Maple is considered a tonewood, or a wood that carries sound waves well, and is used in numerous musical instruments.


    Okoume, aucoumea klaineana, is a fast-growing, plantation-grown tropical hardwood. Okoume's clear, beautifully-figured grain has a golden, honey-colored hue beneath epoxy and varnish, while its low density yields ultra-lightweight hulls.


    The poplar is a short-lived, deciduous, hardwood tree of genus Populus of the willow family, widely distributed in the northern temperate zone. The genus includes aspens and cottonwoods.

    Red Oak

    Quercus rubra, commonly called northern red oak, or champion oak, is an oak in the red oak group. It is a native of North America, in the eastern and central United States and southeast and south-central Canada.


    Entandrophragma cylindricum, commonly known as the sapele or sapelli, is a large tree native to tropical Africa. The tree is also known as aboudikro. There are protected populations and felling restrictions in place in various countries.


    Walnut features plain-sliced veneers cut from natural timber harvested in a sustainable manner from American hardwood forests, ensuring premium quality, lasting durability and enduring beauty with each panel.

    White Oak

    Quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the preeminent hardwoods of eastern and central North America. It is a long-lived oak, native to eastern and central North America and found from Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Maine south as far as northern Florida and eastern Texas.

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    GrizzlyPly is made by bespoke premium mills employing the highest quality of North American compliance standards. Every GrizzlyPly panel goes through eight quality checkpoints and leads to one tree planted.


    Wood is our main source of inspiration. The love of organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the process, from the first to the final moments where every panel of GrizzlyPly is treated with care.

  • Our Products

    Commercial Plywood, FSC Plywood, Fancy Plywood, HPL Plywood, PVC Furniture Board, Blockboard

    Commercial Plywood

    Technical Specifications

    Face/Back : Okoume, Red Canarium, Pencil Cedar, Bintangor

    Grade : D1, D2, E1, E4

    Core : Full Poplar, Eucalyptus, Hardwood, Combi

    Glue : E0, E2, MR, WBP Phenolic, CARB 2

    Thickness : 4.0mm to 40mm

    Size : 1220mm x 2440mm (4’x8’), Oversize & Custom sizes are available upon request

    FSC Plywood

    Technical Specifications

    Face/Back : Birch, Poplar, Pine, Sapelli

    Finish : Raw or UV Coated

    Core : Full Poplar, Pine, Birch, Eucalyptus

    Glue : E0, E2, MR, WBP Phenolic, CARB 2

    Thickness : 2.7mm to 25mm

    Size : 1220mm x 2440mm (4’x8’), Oversize & Custom sizes are available upon request


    Fancy Plywood

    Technical Specifications

    Face/Back : Birch, White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Sapelli, Red Oak

    Finish : Raw or UV Coated

    Core : Full Poplar, Hardwood, Combi, Birch

    Glue : E0, E2, MR, WBP Phenolic, CARB 2

    Thickness : 2.7mm to 25mm

    Size : 1220mm x 2440mm (4’x8’), Oversize & Custom sizes are available upon request

    Grade : A1 to D3

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    The Forest Garden Solution

    For every GrizzlyPly panel sold, we plant one tree which helps the Forest Garden solution

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